Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hogging the bed

Why are all men compelled to hog the bed? We have a king size bed and still my DH insists on not only sleeping in the middle he also likes to flail his arms and legs near my person. So I am forced to sleep on the edge of the bed, falling off every time the child lets out a wail in the middle of the night. And my little boy is no different. Whenever I bring Baby V into our bed he rolls over to me and starts kicking me off! Once he has pushed me to that very same edge he pushes off in the opposite direction trying to propel himself off the other edge onto the floor. My mother insists that when I was Baby V’s age I knew enough to stop at the edge, but we have a boy. So maybe my DH is unconsciously trying to do what Baby V does, push me to the edge and fling himself off the other end, too bad he only gets halfway through.



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