Monday, August 01, 2005

Aunt Flow is back at it.

Well isn’t this wonderful! Aunt flow has barely left the building when she decided to come back for another round! This makes 3 periods in a month and a half. And I have just spent 1 hour trying to get an appointment with a GYN and so far nothing. Waiting to hear from a supervisor … and I think I have already talked to her. My mother screams at me that I am anemic and should be fainting right and left, my dad says I exaggerate, and my DH always looks so disappointed every time I tell him, “Not tonight dear!”
On top of it all my back is starting to hurt again. I herniated a disk in my lower back giving birth to Baby V and have only recently found a Dr. who actually figure out it might be a herniated disk. So now I am getting steroid shots (hey maybe this is why I am having non stop bleeding) in my back. I think the last shot is wearing off and I need to schedule another one. I hate scheduling.
If this post makes a lot of sense, GOOD! If not, too bad!
P.S.I got a call from the pediatrician saying they got the bags to take Baby V’s urine sample, so we go in today after 3.


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