Monday, August 01, 2005

Check out my first link, It is a blog by my friend Angie. We have both been married for 4 years, have kids roughly the same age, and shockingly agree on a lot of stuff to implement on the Babies. At one point, while we were both pregnant, we decided to ‘DO’ together. That ended when she went on bed-rest and I got so huge that reaching that sink, so that it could shine, became an experiment in contortionism. Now she is back to flying and I just fake clean every other day.
Her DH is also one of the most devoted and caring husbands out there; it is too bad his parents didn’t have more sons so that more women could have terrific husbands. In addition to feeding Baby L that first bottle, he also takes care of him every spare moment he gets off of work. The only downside to Angie’s DH is that when he is in charge of cleaning Mr. B and Mrs. Z he does it once a week. To be honest if I had to clean a cage it would be done even less.
Angie’s and mine one weakness is shopping. I mean we burn through most of our disposable income together; sometimes we burn through it when we’re apart by simultaneously shopping online. The bad thing about this shopping is that both of us are stay at home moms and the money we spend is technically our husbands, although if you believe the latest calculations neither of our husbands could afford our ‘mom’ services. My latest purchase is a toy dragon that has only one attractive feature to Baby V, a squeaking palm, it cost a fortune but I like dragons so screw my credit card limit, we’ll just not eat this week.

My other links are even better not necessarily because of content but because they have been around for about as long as I have been married and are written by writers.
As soon as Angie’s first book comes out I’ll link it.
If my stupid alcoholic neighbor and her drinking buddies wake up baby I am taking DH’s revolver and getting justice! No one should ever wake my baby, EVER!


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