Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Baby V is Sick!

So at around 1:30am Baby V woke up with a fever (actually 100.5 but to me it is a fever) and cried and cried. DH was on Baby watch this night so he got up with the precious bundle of joy. WAIT! This is what I would have liked to happen, not what actually happened. Yes the DH was on baby watch but he did not get up at first, he go up after I failed to quiet child in 30 minutes. Then he took over, fed the feverish child some formula, and then decided to change a clean diaper with the lights ON. By this point it is 2:15 am and the child is screaming like mad (retribution to the alcoholic downstairs neighbor) because the lights are on and he is not being rocked to sleep but is being manhandled by his father who moves slower then slow when changing a diaper. Finally at 2:30 the child was asleep and so was I. He woke up again at 5am but was satisfied with a proper pacifier and dozed till 6am. We ate took a walk and another nap. His fever is still 100.7 and he is taking yet another nap. If all goes well Baby V will have taken 3 naps today up from the now usual two, my baby is SICK! Only a truly sick baby sleeps like this instead of insisting on obsessively opening and closing the door to his ‘Laugh and Learn’ house.
If we lived in a normal American like family we would have giving baby some Tylenol and attributed the whole thing to teeth, but we don’t. We live in a family ruled by DH who believes any sort of mediation is wrong (he had a really hard time with me taking steroids and handfuls of pain relievers for my back) and a fever should not be lowered by a pain reducer. If I didn’t agree with him I would have slipped Baby V some Tylenol and would have been found out when the bright red stains were discovered in the morning.
Which brings me to my next point, sort of. We need to christen the child ASAP so that relatives in Russian can pray for his well-being.
This sickness, it too shall pass.

This is Baby V happy for the one and only time this morning.


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