Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh No!

Well the verdict is back on Baby V, Ear infection in the left ear. Let me recap what happened today. First of all Baby v woke up with a fever and proceeded to be cranky all day. This was cranky I have never seen before. I swear I heard him chatting on the phone with the mommy service requesting another mommy, one that can carry hold him, while bouncing, while singing inane children’s songs. But I guess he has used up all his points, or whatever payment method they have adopted for 8 month children, on his last trip to Grandma’s house so now he is stuck with me. Baby V did indeed take 3 naps, and he went down crying and woke up crying and he shut up only while being fed. At 4:30 I retook his temperature and it had jumped to 101.5 so off to the pediatricians we went. Of course the fever came down to 100.2 as soon as we passed the thresh hold of the building but they still looked in his ears to find the infection. So now our total of ‘sicknesses’ in an 8-month period is: runny nose, UTI, and an ear infection in one ear. Wonderful!
When I told my mom she proceeded to instruct me on how to wrap the child’s ear and head with olive oil and skip the antibiotics we were prescribed. After an elaborate description my mom said, ‘never mind it’s messy and you will mess everything up anyway” thanks for the vote of confidence. We are in fact skipping the head wrapping because I remember perfectly well my only ear infection that was treated this way and I also remember a Dr making a house hold call to pop my eardrums and stop all the pain. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the head wrap thing works like a charm and doesn’t corrupt anything in the body (unlike antibiotics) but I am not willing to take the chance of a mild ear infection getting worse. I can watch them try to insert a cathedra into my son but god forbid I see a needle near his precious head! NO!
I’ll update on my mom the spot light stealer and Baby V’s crankiness tomorrow.
Did I mention the kid refused Tylenol, he spit it out when I gave it to him in a dropper and he flung the trick pacifier clear across the room when he tasted Tylenol. Smart kid, takes after his parents.


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