Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I can’t decide what to post about today. I don’t think I am ready to talk about my mother, that would necessitate giving up about 2 hours, and I just don’t have the time. So let us just stick to an update on and Baby V.
Baby V woke up with a slight temperature again. He was semi cranky all day. I should mention that he also woke up for an hour at night but then slept till 7am and I actually woke up before him. He took two naps, although one was 2 whole hours the other was just a feeble 30 min. Then it took me an hour to get him to go down for the night, possibly because he was way over tired. About half an hour into the rocking a singing I found myself singing, ‘Why aren’t you asleep, you need to be asleep, do you hate me this much? ANDY WHYYYYYYYYYYY?” at the last word Baby V looked into my eyes and … laughed. He continued laughing madly for what seemed like an eternity and then started violently shaking my head by hooking his fingers around my teeth and pushing and pulling, nice. This is all on Baby V, now on to Dooce. is what got me thinking about starting my own blog. After reading a few of her entries in December I started thinking in blog entries and have finally succumbed to the blog bug. I have been re-reading all of her entries and have found myself even more in love. Of course my blog can’t lick the ground that walks on but it can try. Anyway, today’s entry made me cry, because it is so true. Of course I e-mailed Dooce to tell her this in the most pathetic way possible. I have done the e-mail thing before, to tell her how much Baby V loved her Baby L and totally wanted to be L’s younger man. I got no response and figured that I would just admire from afar, and I have. Maybe a shipment of peanut butter cups would soften Dooce up, but I doubt it. Anyway Go read all three of you (my readers).


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  • Anonymous do I know you? If not they Yeai we have a first non best friend reader ( my previous 3 readers have been my friends) So hurah for me and thank you but where is this site? All I see is psp tutorials :)

    By Blogger Me., at 8/03/2005 7:43 PM  

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