Thursday, August 04, 2005


I am counting down the days till Saturday. You see on Saturday my mother is coming down to help out and take care of Baby V, and also my friend Miss E.L. is coming up from NY and Miss A.M. is driving down from Boston. They are going to coo over Baby V for about an hour and then the three of us will be heading for Stamford to a hotel that has a pool. We plan on pool lounging, drinking, eating and most of all, talking. I have not had a night out with just these two awesome women in a long time. It will also be nice to have a picture of all of Baby V and us.
This will be a welcoming break for me. Lately I have basically fallen into a routine that is screaming for change, not all of it but some. In the morning, in the hot oppressive morning, I walk the child as everyone else in the neighborhood walks their dogs. I say Good Morning to everyone and smile my dazzling smile, and by the time we got home my jaw aches. Then once I get the child to sleep I check e-mail and cry when no one has written anything (another reason why I love this blog 3 whole comments that get sent to my e-mail). Then instead of cleaning up the mess after Baby V’s breakfast I read comics, read blogs, and think about cleaning. This goes on most of the day with big breaks for play with now grumpy child. I need to do something wholly different with my day and so I look forward to this Saturday. Miss A.M. do not dare cancel on me, you too Miss E.L. (I’ll use names only if people let me, or if they have their own blog).
Oh and last night I asked my DH what he thinks about blogs in general, he said I should totally start one if I have something to say, unless it is something about him, then I should just shut up. So I didn’t tell him about the blog but even if he finds it I have not said anything bad about him except that he hogs the bed. Besides anything that I say here I say to his face just as easily.
So count down to Saturday with me people. It is Thursday then Friday and then the glorious and never overrated Saturday.


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