Tuesday, November 29, 2005


OH GOD! Tomorrow we wake up at 7am, drive to see if the house changes have been made, drive to sign a shit load of papers, get keys, drive to sears, pick out a refrigerator and stove, drive home, have a phone interview at 4pm, bake muffins, take picture of year old eating a muffin, put kid loaded on sugar to sleep, pass out. We are not heavily religious but please if you are pray for us. If you are not keep your fingers crossed at 11pm and don't un-cross until 1pm ... Take a long lunch.
I am afraid that tomorrow I will have no time to post, watch 20 post by midnight tomorrow, but leave a comment and I will read it.

I was packing books and albums today and came across THE baby album. A very timely find. I had fun seeing my 1 year old as a newborn. There are so many things you tend to, for the most part, forget but that pop right back into your head if you come across a keepsake. Like the capped positive pregnancy test reminds you of waking up at 5am to pee and waiting for 5 minutes while falling asleep on the toilet then climbing into bed and waking up DH with cold feet pressed lovingly into his butt. Those newborn pictures reminded me of a tiny baby that slept a lot and stayed where he was put. Now my year old crawls, the few steps are repeated every blue moon, and babbles and knows how to sign 'more', also once in a blue moon, and nothing else. He makes car noises while driving his car, waves, and gets ridiculously happy if I come back after a long absence. When he sees us eating he will stand at the edge and mooch, play fetch, and run around in circles, yes this is a human child and not a dog, we get confused too.

Basically I love the little rascal that for the past hour has refused to go to sleep or be left alone in the dark. Ah parenthood, thank god it happened to me.
Ha, bad mother, bad!
Just herd baby hiccup so went in to dark room with water cup. First tried to make mom, who was holding baby, drink. Then made almost asleep baby cry by taking away pacifier. Poor kid, he has an inept mother. I make me laugh.

Oh one more thing and I promise I am done. We put Baby V to sleep and he start to complain, we decided to see if he would go to sleep on his own. My smart little baby then howled 'Papa' (dad in Russian). DH shot out of his office, knocked down Teacher of the Year, and barreled into nursery cooing, 'yes my precious you said baby, no go to sleep'. Priceless.


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