Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Sorry Everyone! I know the posts have been sparse lately but I have been busy and tired. I will now proceed to make it up to you with a long post containing as much stuff as I can fit into it.
First of all I would like to publicly thank Miss MS Canada for sending us the green outfit and the wool socks, I love it all now that fall is here. Baby V likes the pockets on the jacket because he can pull that stuff on his pockets. He is a bit more involved with the wonderful socks but he does not like to wear them, he likes to play with them as soon as he pulls them off. So Thank YOU for being so wonderful and getting us a great present. By the way she is also coming down for Christmas to stay with us and I am pleased as punch to have an extra pair of hands. She is truly great and we can’t wait to see her and to show her off to you people.
I also have to thank Jen from Not Calm (linked on right) for her comments in this blog; the last one did make me feel much better. I read it right after Baby V slammed his head into the door and then the floor without any help or intervention from me. So now he actually has bumps on his forehead and looks a bit like the monster of Frankenstein, guess we won’t need that pirate costume after all.
Also have to respond to SC’s comment about her husband, who btw rocks the kitchen and grill. You see he actually knows how to cook without setting the house on fire or ruining good pans. The last time my DH tried heating up soup we wound up throwing away the pan and airing out the kitchen for 2 days, I hate to think what would happen if he was in charge of dinner. I like to cook, and usually his fussiness results in nothing more then … well … fussiness. I don’t give him options and after the complaining he still usually eats, but it would be more satisfying if he shut up in the first place. Still I love to read comments so THANK YOU! J
Baby V has been on a little rampage lately, although I am not sure that would be the right word. Let me tell you of his accomplishments. He can now open the door to the bathroom and go in. I have seen him fidgeting with the knobs but I thought we were still a long way off before having to barricade doors, guess I was wrong. He can kick off his tray when in the highchair; this gives me mini nightmares as well as mini heart attacks. No more leaving him to eat while I smoke a joint and drink a bottle of whisky (j/k). He has also started to play house with me. This involves him sitting in his room with the door almost closed, I knock, he opens the doors, I say something, he closes the door, repeat as necessary. Rather fun but time consuming and I am running out of new things to say to the kid. The game ends with me usually announcing myself as the police and tackling him to the ground. Like I said, fun. Baby V has also been a bit more whiney then usual and we think this is because he is cutting his fourth tooth, you can make it out when he opens his mouth but it has yet to cut through a thing layer of gum. Poor kid!
As many of you know we have jus experienced HALLOWEEN! This would be the first one that Baby V saw and let me tell you, he saw nothing but his red pants! We did not get a single trick-or-treater! Not a single one passed the house; I know I was glued to the window! I am so mad! Mostly because I now have 2 bags of candy that I will feel obliged to dispose of. I sent most with my dad to Boston but I still have some left. This is what I need to analyze, I had the perfect opportunity to be candy free and yet I, like a rodent, hid some away behind my cheeks and in the cupboards, WHY?
This leads me to my next story. On Tuesday I did not eat Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, I ate CANDY! A whole day filled with chocolate, peanut butter, and caramel! So my evening was spent in the bathroom with a magazine. It was not pretty! On the upside I got my DH to spend a good hour with V and managed to leisurely read through ‘Better Home and Garden’. Every Cloud has a silver lining. When I came out I found my DH eating candy and my baby sitting on the floor surrounded by cheerios and happily snacking away his Dinner. Evil Candy! I will now go and have a few more pieces.
Oh and the landlord showed up telling me that he will now begin to ‘show’ our apartment. This is going to be tricky because I am NOT cleaning the living room and am certainly not wasting my time on the bathroom. He would be better off showing the place after it has been deserted.
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