Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oh the complaining

Baby V hates me! I remember a few months ago he fell asleep with no rocking, put him down and he was out, not now! I just spent 47 minutes past his bedtime trying to put him down with no luck. He will go down for just long enough for me to relax and return to the kitchen before sending up another wail. I am even considering letting him cry it out. I mean he had plenty of motherly/fatherly love during the day, he is dry, very well fed, etc. It won't be like I will be long for very long from his side, the most I can stand is 5 minutes. This bouncing and rocking and screaming is wearing me out, and most importantly it is wearing my back out. Not to complain or anything but the back thing is getting worse, even after the shot, we're heading right back to where I started before the first steroid shot. There must be something they can do for me that does not involve surgery right?
On a brighter note DH swears up and down that he heard Baby V say 'Dai' (give in Russian) I still say it is babble that just happens to occur when he wants something, we will let Miss EL decide on Saturday. She is coming over you know, because I begged. I think I even referred to her as; my sunshine that does not sneeze oatmeal on me.
I also received the pirate costume for Kohls that Mrs SC recommended, in 24 months. It fits him, but I hope he does not grow anymore by Halloween. He looks amazingly cute and as soon as I can I will give you a nice picture.
I looked at a house today, we signed an offer, and now we wait on our hands for Monday. The house is smallish but we really can not afford anything else and it does have all our main requirements. My only concern is that my King Size Four Poster bed will not fit into the very small master bedroom. So small in fact that the bed would be the room save for 2 feet, I am not joking. The two other bedrooms are also small but they will be kids rooms so the less space the less mess, or so I tell myself. The kitchen is big, and so is the basement, and you should see the dream that is the garage. The thing I come back to is the kitchen. It joins the living room but I would say the size is good. The cabinets are fantastic, the sink is HUGE. I love it and I will cry for a long time if those sellers decide against us.
In other news:
DH drank all the Bailys that Angie gave me when she visited
We are not going to Russia to visit my farm for the last time before it is sold because DH is a cheapskate and afraid of flying
Teacher odd the Year (mom) is still in Russia and I miss her and all the sleep I get with her
I bought some bra's at Walt-Mart but unfortunately none of them were Hot Pink (sorry Shannon) going back to find a pink one tomorrow
Going to go crazy because of all the rain and no walking


  • Hey babe,

    You know your posts are very entertaining, right? Keep 'em coming!!! (you've been slacking off lately!!!) Okay, LuvYou, BuhBye!!! :)

    By Anonymous AM, at 10/18/2005 1:28 PM  

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