Monday, October 03, 2005


I sent out an e-mail telling the people I knew that my grandfather died. I apologized if I do not perform to expectations for the next couple of days. I should have been apologizing to you. I can almost feel the negative posts writing themselves. I loved him dearly and am sad that he never got to see his one and only great grandchild. The thing is, Baby V has no idea so I have to pretend it never happened for right now, but just wait till naptime.


  • I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. My mother's father died about ten days before my baby (now 2 and a half) was born. We were very close, too, though we lived far apart. I think it's okay for our kids, even babies, to see us sad. Just part of the lesson, you know? Pamper yourself and take it easy. It's really hard work grieving.

    By Anonymous Jen, at 10/03/2005 10:22 AM  

  • Thank you Jen. Thank you for reading. I will link to you, if you don't mind the next time I update.

    By Blogger Me., at 10/07/2005 3:56 PM  

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