Monday, September 05, 2005

Thirsty turtle is SO back

So I just posted an insane amount in one day. Mostly because I have a lot to say on this Monday, and I need to post when I have too many thoughts, otherwise it could get ugly.
Let me start out by telling you about the lunch with Mrs. SC and Mr. JC. It was fantabulous. SC and I had a lobster roll (oh yes I am a famous copy cat when it comes to food) and it was delicious with plenty of lobster. We had a good talk and a good time. I made fun of DH when he asked JC what his name was. I am still making fun of him. DH is mad because he was asking if JC’s name was short for anything, never implying that he forgot what his name was. So do I even have the right to make fun … yes I do, it is in the vows.
Then of course Sunday was the wedding. We arrived on time and had a chance to take in all the wonderful scenery. The wedding was at a winery overlooking the Hudson River. The bride looked fantastic, very elegant, and extremely happy. The groom was just beaming from start to finish. The food was good, the open bar was great (mmmm Baileys) and the dancing was awesome. I even got DH to join in for a couple of dances; of course I was out on the dance floor as soon as they let us out. I was planning on saying a lot more but I am dealing with a slight hangover and a jammed space key so words don’t come easy.
Just a thought, anyone planning on visiting soon, can bring Baileys if they want, the delicious goodness is irresistible. I can’t get any myself because to go to a liquor store would require me to bring Baby V and I have not sunk that low, yet. So Miss EL you are overdue for a visit, bring laundry and Baileys and I will provide the washing machine, food, and glasses with ice.


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