Thursday, September 01, 2005


I know this will Jinx it but I have to tell you! My DH has been a star this week. The man played with Baby V, changed his fair share of dirty dippers, fed the kid, and put him down for a nap or 8, and he did the nighttime routine like 3 times! I have never had it so good. In exchange he has been getting; no complaining from me, and 3 full service meals a day, sometimes night. To top off the week Baby V woke up at 7:45am and sat for 15 minute happily chirping along. Of course he is now banging on the crib bars with his pacifier, much like a prisoner with a tin cup against his prison cell bars, and blowing raspberries into the air. BRB got to do some naptime intervention. Okay, he is down, I hope. I have a feeling that this lovely day will bring the end to my helpful honey and sweet tempered Baby V. Good things just do not last.
In other news:
The ‘Teacher of the Year’ is coming down for the long weekend tomorrow. Yes, my mother. She is bringing down SC’s mom, so on Saturday the husbands and the wives (me and SC DUH) are going out to lunch sans kids. I am beyond excited. Of course on Sunday is MRS JN wedding. I STILL have no clue what to wear. I will post pics up tomorrow and let you decide for me.
My mother was telling me how the kids in her daycare center all know how to wave goodbye, and clap. Baby V is just starting to sort of wave, because we have just started to teach him. She is all worried that he is behind developmentally and is making me a bit mad, even if she is teacher of the year. But I was thinking that of course those kids know how to wave, they say goodbye to their parents ever day and then goodbye to their teachers every night, all that waving has got to settle in the brain pretty quickly. Baby V has basically never had to say goodbye on a daily basis, daddy is always home and so is mommy why say goodbye? As for the clapping, that would be might fault. I never bother to teach him, I just started and he is making progress, because I am not the biggest fan of manic clapping while DH is sleeping, unless I am mad.
So to recap; good DH, good Baby V, time away from Baby V, screw the waving and clapping. Although I have to say when I see Mrs. SC’s baby do the wave and the clap my heart melts away!
Thanks Miss EL for that wonderful comment about the lost $5. And I am beyond thrilled for you and the past weekend! If you move to, you know where, I will so definitely visit you and leave Baby V and go off to explore that rocking nightlife, you know who, was talking about. ;)
Wednesday was our 4-year wedding anniversary and DH even said he wanted to celebrate, but we decided Saturday would be our celebration. He also went to INS for an interview to make his green card 100% valid, but apparently they needed me there also. The thing is they never told DH that. Not in any single piece of paper was I (spouse) mentioned! I hate them. This should have been done 2 years ago, in another year he might as well file for citizenship! Bastards! Of course when he came home he snuggled with Baby V and said that he was the happiest man on earth and that Baby V was perfect. I love this man.


  • Don't worry, baby V is not developmentaly behind. For some reason our parents tend too worry too much. When Emma was just about 12 months old she could only point to her belly button ad my mom told me that she should already know where her eyes, ears and mouth are. It's not like I wasn't teaching her, she just didn't grasp it at that time. But a month later she did and at her 15 month check up her pediatrician was very impressed by Emma's development. Here are links to a couple of websites that talk about developmental milestones. And rememebr your baby is normal!,,42cn,00.html

    By Anonymous SC, at 9/02/2005 4:16 AM  

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