Thursday, August 25, 2005

Weight Loss 101

Internet if I do not reach 200lbs by my birthday (Dec 8th) you have my permission to throw rotten tomatoes at me. I will not divulge how much I am right now, but I have more then 15lbs to go and less then 20. I think I am giving myself plenty of time, and if I don’t turn into a thirsty turtle again (gained at least 3lbs from that adventure) and don’t stuff myself with take out every week I might make it. So let the countdown begin. Oh and this is the time to offer reasonable weight loss suggestions.
The thing is I need to loose like 70 lbs before I get pregnant again. And I REALLY want to get pregnant again. I would give anything to be PG like right now, but I can’t. Angie has mentioned that if I get that thin I might never want to get fat again, but I think I would. The day I hit 160lbs I am going off birth control and jumping DH EVERY night. Oh yeah that is the other news, I went to the GYN/OB and they prescribed (surprise, surprise) Birth Control pills to control my month long periods. I am not anemic just in need of some hormone therapy. Mom should be pleased.
Now that we are talking moms this is what mine threw out there the other day, “You just don’t want to loose weight that is why you are not!” Right, I walk an hour every day and try to eat less because I hate desert and love small portions, sounds like me, Right!
Well let me add into this random post a link to this: Perhaps a NY city type of girl might really need this. J
And if you ever and I mean ever want to get me something off the internet in the next couple of months, please think of this; but keep in mind I will love you regardless of presents, because you add so much to my life already. No sarcasm intended.
I hope everyone enjoys this random post, can’t wait to see the response.


  • Birth controll pill could make you gain weight. :( I'm speaking from experience.

    By Anonymous SC, at 8/25/2005 3:58 PM  

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