Monday, August 22, 2005

Morning Route

Baby V and I take walks every morning and most evenings, so before and after the day heats up. On our morning route there are two notable houses. One is a spectacular green house that even has a name (but I can’t read it or remember it) and an old Greek couple owns the other.
Now the green house is simply indescribable, it looks like it owned by a single family and long ago sat alone on like 5 acres of land, not surrounded by cheap houses with half numbers (48 ½ A). I dream about that house and living in it, but the property taxes would probably bankrupt us even before the mortgage would.
The Greek house is unique in SO many ways. First of all upstairs in place of a window, or a door, there is a painting of the Greek countryside and of course a Greek walking. On the front lawn is a badly sculptured statue of liberty and near the entrance there are two sculptures of apostles (I think). All of these works of art were created by the Greek man, who speaks to me (sometimes to my mom) in broken English. So far I know that he speaks a little Greek, a little Russian, a little Italian, a little English, but I have yet to find out what language he speaks a lot of. He has told me that I should work because if I don’t I’ll be lazy and fat. He even suggested working at a bank, or an office building as a typist or receptionist. He also told me why he put up a for rent sign on his front yard in Spanish. Apparently he believes all Spanish people lack green cards and can be cowered into submission by a threat of police. Nice man.
Oh and I should mention the chained Elephant in the lawn of another house, simply classic.


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