Friday, August 12, 2005

Baby V's plan

This is what Baby V is thinking on, apparently, a daily basis;
My mom loves me! She shows me she loves me by feeding me, kissing me, playing with me, giving me baths, and changing my diaper. By the look of it she really enjoys doing these things they bring her much pleasure. My dad loves me too! He does the same things that mom does, but less often. I always feel that I am cheating my mom out of loving me every time Dad does something. To remedy this, I have a plan! Whenever my dad changes me and hands me over to mom for a feeding I will make lots of poop for my mom. It might take a bit but I will no nap without providing her lots of poop. It will be the best poop all day and she will love me all the more for it.

This has been his thinking ever sense he stopped having bowel movement after every meal. It is either this or he is simply terrified that if he goes poop on his dads watch he will end up hanging by one foot in the shower while dad uses a rag on a stick to clean him. Could be either one, honest!

In other news;
Baby V is downing 10oz of formula at bedtime. Before that he eats 2oz of cereal and a jar of baby yogurt. Today he just guzzled 10oz for a lunchtime snack. Oh and he finally got a cheerio to his mouth and let go of it … IN HIS MOUTH!

I think I mentioned already that he is pulling up in his crib to a standing position, he is also stretching out his hands as soon as I walk through the door and falling down because he can’t stand yet! Needless to say we are lowering the mattress.

The people upstairs have moved to Florida and I miss their big loud dog and weekend parties. Why? Because now I get to hear the sounds of repairs from sunup to sundown and it is starting to get to me. The Bangs on the floor are completely unexpected and frightening at times.

DH has started looking for houses. So far my future looks like a rat-infested house for 100K in a neighborhood where I will need a bazooka to go for a walk. Do not worry, I am sure this phase will pass, just like the; “let’s build our own house and live in a trailer on the property for 10yrs while it is being built!” phase.


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