Monday, August 08, 2005

Let the booze flow.

Saturday Miss EL came over in the afternoon and we waited for Miss AM. Baby V was playing on the floor and being cranky when held. His rash was apparently an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, and I thought it was prickly heat. So after Miss AM arrived we played with Baby V and headed out at noon for Stamford. There we checked into the Marriott and went to hang by the pool. Spent about 5 hours laying in the sun and splashing in the pool. While we were burning our backsides Miss AM and I watched a small colony of ants first devour and then carry back home pieces of a chip (I did not lick it Miss AM). Fascinating, really!
We went out to eat, and then buy liquor, and then finally we went out. I believe we hit Thirsty Turtle first, and I was one seriously thirsty turtle. After falling down, bawling my eyes out (the TV’s decided to play a baby commercial and I was on my 5th or 6th margarita so I missed Baby V) and drinking a lot of $5 drinks, we went back to our hotel room, sans guys, and chatted till we passed out.
I might mention that when we got to our room that afternoon Miss AM tackled me onto the bed and had her way with me. Then in the spirit of female bonding we tried pushing the beds together, but instead ended up putting the rollaway bed in the middle and doing MI-3 moves all over the ‘family’ bed. Everyone had a good time.
In the morning I threw up, because I was starving (It has happened several times before in the morning and with no alcohol involved) and woke everyone up because I just could not stand being the only one up at 8am. I find that I can not stay in bed past 8am because I start panicking and thinking that I need to check on baby, that maybe he is not breathing, because he never sleeps till 8 am. So we all got up watched some TV, and then went out to IHOP for breakfast. After an amazing meal, everyone had the same thing, the girls decided I needed a new wardrobe and bought me clothes! They also did not want to give me a receipt because they were afraid I would return everything. Nice right? So now I am about $80 poorer (because of the drinking) and a skirt and 2 tops richer. Plus I had the most amazing time catching up with my two friends. I am expecting them back real soon.
Oh and I do have compromising pictures but I am NOT putting them up. Till next time.
Baby V was very happy to see his mom back, he probably thought I was never coming back and had an awful time eating and sleeping, he even reached out to me so I could hold him. Then of course he kicked and screamed because he had enough of mommy and wanted to crawl around and stick dirty shoes in his mouth.
I love you Miss EL and Miss AM.


  • I am cool with you using EL and AM. I think it adds an air of mystery to the whole thing.
    And all I have to say about Sat night is...
    THIRSTY TURTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/08/2005 1:55 PM  

  • hahaha, YES!!! and "she's with ME!"

    By Anonymous AM, at 8/09/2005 8:33 PM  

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