Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Question of the week.

So let me recap the last few days. Sunday, I believe, Dh went to look at houses that he saw on the Internet in hopes of finding THE DREAM. It started raining in the afternoon, we lost power at around 4pm. My mother spent the next 3 hrs telling me to call my electric company and would not believe me when I said that no one was answering at the emergency line. To top it all off Baby V did not like the idea of seeing all his toys slowly engulfed in darkness and gave me HELL. Oh yeah and my pretty just defrosted veal cutlets were not going to become veal Parmesan without the help of a working stove. And during this mini crisis my DH was driving the wrong way on some road, and refusing me (starving an scared) the comfort of Chinese food. Thank goodness the power came on and Baby V received his bath and DH his veal Parmesan.

Rocking the house!
Remember I said Baby V was pulling up to his knees in the crib? Well we lowered the mattress and now Baby V is pulling up to standing ALL the time. Bedtime has been delayed by about 30 minutes because of having to go back into the room and help Baby V get down. Oh and to show his outrage a t being locked up, he has started throwing the pacifier at my head. Never mind that he smiles and laughs and rocks every time I enter the room, no matter what if my head gets within shooting distance the pacifier comes hurling towards me. The kid has got aim, so maybe not football but basketball … he would have to grow a few inches though.

So question of the week is … how often do you read this? Daily, weekly, monthly? I ask because I would like to know how often I NEED to post.


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