Sunday, August 21, 2005

Let me recap the week, it will be a long post.

On Wednesday I was getting the second steroid epidural shot. This was the day that out Internet provider decided that WE should be disconnected instead of our moved out neighbors. Then they spent over 3 hours convincing my DH that no one physically disconnected us, so the problem is on our end. It took DH less then 30 min. to go outside and connected to our neighbors Internet and another 2hrs setting up an appointment for re-connection. This was done after my epidural shot while I was on bed rest and my dad was trying to handle Baby V and all the newness of our new routine.

Here I have to stop and say how fantastic Mrs. SC is and how wonderful her daughter Miss E is. They drove me to the hospital and waited for me and drove me back. They even said they would do this again if necessary. Oh and I am never going without Miss E because with a toddler everyone gets you in to the Dr. quicker because of the looming threat of a tantrum if they wait longer then 30 min.

So back to my story of bed rest, idiotic Internet people, working, and a very active Baby V.
No Internet meant that DH would have to go IN to work, leaving us for over 12hrs, alone and shivering in the dark. Of course he had to leave during the period when my dad would leave and my mom would come, but the two would not overlap and I was left alone with a sleeping baby. I ran a huge risk of him waking up in the hour and a half of alone time, and not being able to pick him up. Thankfully he only decided to wake up at 2 am and stay up screaming at everyone but me for an hour while being diapered and fed (10oz).

I think things would have improved by now if only DH decided to sleep in the living room. You see on the 2nd day he decided that kneeing me in the back, HARD, would be just the thing to do in his sleep. I not only woke up from the pain but I beat him senseless. From that point on it has been like the shot never happened. The back HURTS! I can walk (and I do) but I cannot sit, bend, lift, turn, and pivot without pain. Maybe I will need surgery; do they even replace squished jelly donuts?

Miss EL please send me a few acupuncture locations in NY city and tell me if the weekend after next would be a good time to visit you (the labor day weekend) and if not when would be a good time. Seeing how I hate surgery even more then needles I am willing to give it a go. Besides I would love to see your apartment, before you move to another state or something.


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