Monday, September 05, 2005

The post with the most random facts

Take THAT Teacher of the Year! Baby V is clapping with wild abandon now, with only like a day of coaching. He will sit in his high chair and clap away; making feeding a tricky and messy endeavor. He has also waved goodbye/hello/leave me alone, to Dad and Mom like three times. So on the day he turned 9months he waved, and on the day school starts in Russia he clapped, I am SO rubbing it in when he actually goes to school.

Did I ever tell you that I got through the worst of my back labor by singing Russian Three Musketeer songs? What do you mean only 10 times in the last 9 months? You must not visit me often enough, visit more. And how dare you say that your parents are sick of hearing about it and I should forget their number and house address! I’ll just march myself right down there and sing off key RIGHT NOW! Anyway these are the very songs Baby V now listens to while swallowing small sharp objects. These were the first songs he ever heard before he reluctantly go out of me. And he seems to like them, it also may be his excitement at all the attention he gets while they are playing, or it can also be my off key singing.

We also must address the crawling issue. Baby V now lifts his tummy off the floor more often, there goes my no work dust mop, and goes around in circles. I will be sitting in the middle of his room and Baby V will crawl relentlessly around me. He will do this nonstop for at least 10 or 15 minutes until I break down and laugh. Once he has me laughing Baby V will usually try to climb me and eat my face. Ah progress! Make is stop. I do love it though.

And what about the head banging? I have seen it before from Miss EC but I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now but all kids do it. What they do, those childless will want to know, is sit with their back to the wall and bang their heads against the wall, repeatedly without crying. If parental figure does not intervene I think it could go on forever escalating in magnitude. I think it might be the sound a skull against wall makes that amuses them so. One of the more disturbing facets of life with children. Right after poop painting and food throwing.
Speaking of poop did you know that it is necessary to wash off a BM diaper in the toilet before disposing of it? What do you mean you did? You actually read the damn label on the diaper package? So smart!

My laptop keeps crashing as I try to upload 136 pictures to yahoo. After it restarts Yahoo insists I download their drag and drop thingy, that I have downloaded like a thousand times now. So I have to quit out of my account and go to the administrators account an download and install. Then come back and start downloading. Then the computer crashes and I am back to step one. Maybe I should just upload one by one, better pictures that way too. Okay bye now going to go and do the 130 pictures by hand, unless anyone has a better idea. Here is a link to the pictures.
I think this post might be a tad long, just a tad.


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