Thursday, September 22, 2005

I NEED a phone call! Give it to me! I know you have one!

Oh the horror of being a stay at home mom with no income to contribute to the growing needs of family. I am now on credit card and cell phone probation. You see I maxed out my credit card, and went over the limit so we have a fine. That was on scolding session you should be glad you missed. Then the phone bill came in and it is $200. This is when my usual talking to costs about $60. So the scolding turned to plain out yelling. So I am going through serious shopping withdrawal and talking withdrawal. It leaves me quivering on the floor sucking a pacifier, SERIOUSLY! Good thing there is no such thing as Internet probation, unless of course the child gets hurt while I type up my blog, then bye-bye computer, hello dishes.

So the teacher of the year is back and I NEED to talk t her but can’t. The thing is, though, every time I do get her on the line I am in a rush to hang up. Maybe it is the nagging, but I don’t know. You see she has plenty to nag me about because Aunt Flow has been visiting again, 5 weeks now, and I am ON the pill. So she is thinking up stories about how I will never have more children (knock on wood) and die. Never fear, though, I am going to get my thyroid tested tomorrow at 8am. If that comes back normal I am begging for an u/s because I want Auntie to go away, she is a major pain of a relative.

Now on to good news! We are christening Baby V in November in Boston. Mrs. AM and Mr. RM will act as godparents. Miss EL will be honorary godparent and favorite Aunt. Everyone will get his or her picture taken for V’s photo album, so that he can look through it and remember everyone. Visits would also help because as I have mentioned I am in withdrawal and need support, the same goes for comments and e-mail, lots of glorious e-mail.

The funniest thing Baby V does is with the pacifiers. If he ‘finds’ two of them he will be stuck for hours. You see he can never decide which of the two he want to suck on, even if they are the same, so he keeps switching them. It is hilarious how serious he is. This switching is like an important project that requires all his concentration. Funny!

The somewhat bad news is that Baby V woke up last night with the sniffles. His nose was running and so he could not sleep with the pacifier because, well he needed to breathe. So for a while he kept waking up. The silver lining to this story is that finally I smarted up and rocked him to sleep without the pacifier. I think that was the best sleep he had in 3 weeks. He did wake up for a 2 am bottle and then again for a 4am one. At 6:40 he started fussing and because he was breathing okay I gave him a bottle and he slept till 8:30. I think today we might try the sleeping with no pacifier again. I like it.


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