Friday, September 16, 2005

Cleaning up + Baby V 9 months stats

I have critics coming down on Sunday, oh fine they are not critics but actually very dear friends (from popping paradise) but I will be cleaning this pigsty like they were the toughest house critics. I also like to pretend, when I have to clean, that a photographer is coming to take a picture of our bathroom, it helps me accept the need to clean and not throw it on the back burner.
Speaking of my bathroom, please enter with eyes closed and nose shut; I might need to hire a professional to tackle it. Seriously, something exploded in there and it isn’t pretty. When I pay my mom to clean it she actually gets down on all fours and scrubs for hours, no wonder she is starting to refuse to come visit maybe I should pay her more. I can get down on all fours but I might not be able to move after I do so, experience with Baby V confirms this, so how do I clean. Is there a special drop cloth I can use to temporarily cover the room?
Actually despite the cleaning, you know I will think of some way out of it, I am looking forward to the visit. We get to see Baby L again, and we love his cute little but to little pieces, and most importantly we get to see Angie. Granted this time we aren’t going to shop our husbands into the black hole of debt but we should still have fun. Oh and even my DH gets a treat, Angie’s DH is coming down as well. Oh what a merry group we’ll be. We can’t decide what to do, DH is working but he can usually pry himself away when he wants to (he does go to the bathroom of no return so I know he can). First we wanted to go to the beach, but it would cost $20, and then … well actually we ran out of ideas after the Beach. We might have to be happy just sitting around, or going for a walk, and watching the kids interact.
I am baking a cake in the shape of a pumpkin; the guests will be my guinea pigs, and maybe brownies for backup. Unlike Angie, who does her baking from scratch and makes homemade food for Baby L, I will be using all boxed ingredients. I actually do know how to make things from scratch but I find it takes time away from more important stuff, like playing Nightlife the new expansion pack for The Sims 2. I am a looser, but I think they love me anyway. I might show off and buy some organic chicken and totally make Baby V fresh soup, but don’t count on it.
Along with all the frantic cleaning I will be doing frantic laundry as well. So Shannon I will be rocking the hot pink ensemble for the next two days, send you laughter this way please. So yes laundry, no only is the bed getting clean sheets but the high chair is being hosed down as well. I hate to do it, but I love Angie and her family enough. It might not be perfect, I might not get to a lot of the things I want to do, but I will try.
Now for Baby V 9 ½ month stats;
He had perfect ears at this check up, and hated being put down on their horrid little tables; he knows what happens to babies on them. Anyway, he is 27.8lbs and 30 ¼ inches. He is perfectly normal and healthy as a horse. He is above average so the Dr. said to bolt down everything and be careful with things like baby gates, because he just might knock it over. Baby V cruises his room now with surprising ease, he is not standing unsupported yet but we have fun trying. When I first started to stand him up and take away all support he tried to balance but then he discovered that falling on mom face first is a lot more fun. So no more balancing, now we just fall and giggle our heads off. Baby V also claps, and boxes (with help), and bites (with tooth). He is the cutest thing I ever did see, right up there with Baby L.
The Teacher of the Year is away in London right about now. By the time I see her it will be 3 weeks that she has not helped us out. That actually translates to 3 weeks of poor nights sleep for me, but 3 weeks of total rest for her. She claims that she will miss Baby V and I sort of believe her. If she really loved me she would have never wanted to go on her first romantic trip with my dad in 14 years. The last one they took was to America and I was with them.
Oh how much I want to sleep like Baby V, in the dark and silent room. DH has been doing less of his helping and more of the yelling. I think it has to do something with his boss being in town and him actually needing to work and not run around with Baby V. Of course as soon as he stops helping he stops eating, but that is his choice to make.
Almost forgot to ask, anyone know of any tasty organic pasta? So far I don’t like what I am eating, but maybe someone knows of delicious pasta that has no harmful additives.
Have to go clean now, see you next week.


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