Thursday, September 08, 2005

They are coming!

Baby V has been doing an interesting thing lately. He will crawl around and then drop down and grind him cute little face into the floor, pushing and pressing HARD! Every time he does it I wonder if the next time he comes up he will have excavated a tunnel. I expect to seep bits of wood flooring between his gums any day now.
Today of course the reason for some of the winning and the excavating, and biting is obvious. We have the top of a bottom tooth out. The razor sharpness is surprising. I can definitely wait to have a full mouth of razor sharp fangs dig into my sensitive skin. I guess I am lucky that they waited this long to start coming out, although I do expect all of them to show up tomorrow around 2pm before the last nap.
This post also reminds me to chain down Baby V long enough to clip those talons of his.He is still climbing and cruising but has made no attempt to stand on his own, THANK GOD FOR SMALL FAVORS. I do not want to think of the mischief he will be able to get into once walking is achieved. One day soon I am going to have to sit down, turn off ‘The Sims 2’ and write down the dates of all his accomplishments. I even know how I will find out when he reached all the milestones; they are in the mass e-mails I sent everyone. All I have to do is comb through about 800 e-mails of ‘yeah that’s cool, 8 sounds fine” to reach the 5 that I need. All my fault for not writing it down as it happened. Got to go and sleep, already counting less the 5 hours until Baby V wakes up and this is not good.

OT E-mail
Me: Mrs. AM hates me! She does not call or write.
Miss EL: AM’s been in Europe the last two weeks, silly.
Me: No excuse! She should have been writing and sending post cards every day if she loved me! I am THAT important! And btw you missed 2 post cards last month, See to it that you make up your failure to properly worship me with RED SOX outfits for the mighty BABY V.
Miss EL: Oh wonderful ruler I will immediately send out 10 postcards and 5 cute socks for you and the glorious child that is Baby V!
Me: See to it that you do.


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