Thursday, September 08, 2005

Draw your weapons

So despite the streak of wonderful that my DH has been having I still have a few complains. Two actually. They can easily be titled, laundry and garbage.
The dry laundry has been sitting in the basement in the dryer for a week now, no exaggerating. A week of periodic nagging, actually I even FORGOT about it and was just extremely confused as to why Baby V had 10 less onsies then before. How did I forget? Refer to my promise not to nag and my mom’s decision to dry everything on a rack this weekend. So today my nagging about laundry resumes with a vengeance and you might hear the fight around noon. Dive for cover! Some of you will think, ‘get your fat ass down the stairs and get the damn laundry yourself, stop making the man do it!’ … Um NO. I am prohibited from lifting laundry even a little bit, and am actually breaking like 3 Dr order by even washing the clothes in the first place. I technically should not be lifting Baby V either, but he cries, laundry does not.

The garbage is an incredibly painful part of my life. The truck with the nice people who wave at Baby V and sometimes dance for his amusement comes only once a week. In a single week I fill about 4 garbage bags full of stinky disgusting trash that in no way should come near Baby V. One garbage can, by some rules of physics, cannot hold 4 bags of trash and so the 3 displaced bags must be stored somewhere for a minimum of 3 days. The ‘where’ has been debated rather heatedly over the last 4 or 5 months (before crawling this was not an issue). There is a school near us with a huge container for garbage and I ask DH to drop off the bags during the night when his shift either ends or begins at 2am. He usually forgets. I then resort to my favorite place right beside the door, so everywhere DH goes in or out he is reminded of the garbage. Plus Baby V is not allowed near the door so the chance of him rummaging through broken glass and used syringes is small. This gets DH very mad and he repeatedly slams door against the bags to make some sort of point and demands that I move them. I ask him where he would like them to be and he suggests our bedroom. One day I will listen to him and stack the rotting garbage by his side of the bed with the air conditioner turned up (I sleep close to the AC).
I will never understand this lack of action on his part. His only jobs around the house are the dryer filling and emptying, and the garbage! Is it so hard to remember garbage days and laundry baskets. I don’t ask him to wash dishes after himself, or wash the floors after he is done walking them in dirty sneakers with Baby V trailing. I only ask him to do the things I CAN NOT. I know I do a lot of the things on my list of Don’ts but most of them are necessary, and would be done badly by DH, but dryer and garbage are so simple Baby V could do them if he possessed the upper body strength and height.


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