Sunday, September 11, 2005

the post about Birthdays

Okay Girls you should be proud of me! I went to store and got myself some jeans and a shirt. Look totally hot, with gut sucked in, and spent less then $50. Husband saw me rocking the Non-maternal ware and said, ‘Wow nice!’ If you hear anything rocking stay the fuck away. By the way the pants are such ‘heel’ pants that I might have to invest in some rocking ‘sex’ boots, Miss EL any ideas? I have a question. When people look at apartment in buildings with other apartment why do they have the urge to park behind a parked car when there is perfectly good empty space NEXT to that car? Why must I ask no less then 3 times, today alone, for people to move their car? Finally, why do complete strangers feel it is okay to knock on my door and ask me the information about the apartment being rented? I do not know anything! I don’t even know how much I pay. Besides, there is a perfectly good phone number on the sign outside, USE it! When Baby V is awake I have no problems in not opening the door at all, but when he is sleeping the last thing I need is someone banging on my door (seriously the 4 ppl to do this have kept on knocking even if there are no cars outside).
DH has been doing the ‘nice’ thing lately. If he is not working or sleeping he will pretty much do everything with Baby V that I ask of him. I even have the laundry back from the land of the lost. I have continued to feed him 3 times a day and have been including desert. Shush, I do not need him to loose weight faster then me; it is all in my master plan.
I feel really badly for being a scatterbrain. DH just reminded me that we got a fabulous card from Miss MS for our anniversary; the thing is I don’t think I even sent a thank you. And Miss MS puts me to shame ever few months or so, she remembers EVERYTHING about us and lives up in Canada. I love her to death but I have missed her Birthday on too many occasions to count, I might have to do a big make up gift (any ideas), and if you ask me the anniversary of her and M getting together … well I have no idea. I try writing these things into my calendar, but I don’t even know what day it is much less a date. My hotmail account keeps yelling about birthdays, but I just sail on by them without even looking. This year alone I have missed 5 birthdays. I think I might need to tattoo all the important dates on my ever-growing ass, at least then DH would remember them all ;).
Ok gtg, DH is walking child and I need to frantically wash the floors before they come back and ask me WTF have I been doing.


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