Thursday, September 22, 2005


Random thing:
So Baby V is screaming, I am waking up and trying to ignore because I know that husband is still awake watching TV. Baby V continues to scream, I get mad! I fling off the covers and discover, husband sleeping. I still can’t believe he didn’t wake me up when he finally went to bed, good deep sleep.
So Angie came down on Sunday with her family. She brought apple brownies, I made a cake, and we ordered pizza. The boys played. Everyone drank and had a good time. Angie even brought me my beloved Baileys. Baby L is so cute and he smiled so bright when he saw Baby V. Baby V was happy too. He screamed for maybe like 20 minutes during the entire visit. The two babies even cuddled together, Hans got the good pictures. Baby L, I hear, rewarded his parents with a massive poop when they got home, a sign of things to come. After they left we had a good day, with walks, and smiles, and happiness. I finished off the pizza and apple brownies (what’s that you say, diet? What diet?). This is the part of the story that I might get slightly wrong but from what I understand during the night and most of next day all four of us got very close and personal with our bathrooms. DH and I were lucky because I spent a lot of time cleaning our bathroom before the visit. I don’t think anyone but DH threw up, but you get the idea. So we all had three things in common, pizza, cake and brownies. Now I am pretty sure I might have been sick from the brownies and not because there was something wrong with them but because I ate the entire container. Everyone else, I am somewhat sad to say, got sick from my cake. How cruel for something that looked good to be so bad. So if you visit take care not to consume cake. At least cake shaped into the form of half a mutant pumpkin.


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