Friday, September 30, 2005

neighbors, mostly

We have new neighbors! A lady with her dog! She is very nice, keeps asking us if she is too loud and wants to be a good neighbor. I don’t tell her that the only way not to be loud in this stinking place is to cease existing. We hear her walking, and she is tiny so we really should not hear her. I am thankful that the dog is smaller and that she has no little hellions to run around and awake my precious.
She has a daughter and son in law that are close to our age, so maybe a new friendship … but unlikely. I did bake them muffins on moving day so that should give me some … brownie points. I am pretty sure they think that I am either a drug addict or am being abused. Remember the evil nurse who couldn’t find mud a vein? Well because of her I now have a huge bruise on my arm, that sort of looks like fingerprints. If she noticed the needle wholes then I am a drug addict, if not then my husband is a brute. Or maybe it is all in my head.
Update: The lady is a nurse, moved from the cold state of Michigan, and is an absolute doll. Unmarried I assume. I had her over for tea and brownies and Baby V loved her. She also baked us cookies, delicious, and the tiny bit I gave Baby V will keep him awake right up till dinnertime. The joys of sugar!
I am a little bit stuck on a Halloween costume for Baby V. Should I even get one? Do babies go trick a treating? I don’t think so. Plus we can’t decide what we want him to be. I would love a little dragon but DH is very much opposed. We can both agree on a pirate but there are no pirate costumes for 24 month olds (he is 10 but fits in 24 depending the fit).
Oh we also have a second tooth in sight and a third one will soon make an appearance judging by the head banging.
Baby V is obsessed with his weight. If given a choice he would rather weigh himself on the scale then play with his toys, or if the scale is not available he does weight training with DH’s dumbbells (I’ll post pictures as soon as DH returns the camera).
I am going to NY on Saturday to hang out and do the cheap dinner thing with Miss EL and maybe MR. And MRS. AM. Cannot wait for Saturday to get here! Sort of hate the weather, I wont be able to show off my new ‘true nature’ shirt because of all the warm layers.
And this is def. OT but here goes, my grandfather just had the 5th surgery this year, he has cancer. He has had 2 heart attacks from all the surgeries. They are waiting for his heart and body to heal a little before they start chemo. I am sad and scared that he won’t see Baby V this summer. He sounded sort of happy on the phone today when I called but talked to me less then a minute before handing the phone to grandma. Guess I just need to put that out there for my sake.
Don’t know what other trivial stuff I want to write about, but if I think of anything you will be the first to know.


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