Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Back to Sq one

I love DH! He helps out as best he can and complains once a month, maybe twice, that our house is a mess and does nothing to change that. However, sometime he does something so utterly clue less that I end up spending hours upon hours trying to make it Blog worthy.
We have a great system of getting baby V to sleep 'through' the night. At the 2am wakeup we give him water, and then anytime after 5:30 we give him a full bottle. To get Baby V to accept the water and not cry himself into a rage over it I spent a month slowly watering down the 6oz bottle of formula. So 3 days ago DH decides to give Baby V a real bottle at 2am, bringing us right to the beginning of a month ago. Baby V refuses that water and will scream for formula, as long as it takes. So we are back to watering it down, and let me tell you it is a pain. Still I forgive him, because any man that will wake up at 2am to do anything to quiet down a baby, is a man I love.
Baby V has also started to stand up on his own. He did it a while back, but he didn't actually realize that he was standing, now he does. It is very entertaining to see how happy he gets when he is able to stand. Of course as soon as he starts laughing and clapping he goes down, but he gets back up again fast.
Also his majesty requests a special spoon during meal-times, his own. He refuses to eat anything without an extra spoon occupying his hand. Uses it to wave around and smack momma when she hesitates with the food.
In other news:
We are closing on our new house on the 31st of November, one day after Baby V turns 1. I love the fact that it was built in 2005, no one but the spiders have occupied that territory.
I am the most excited about the basement where I will be able to keep my husband, not unlike that new lady on Desperate Housewives sans gun and teenage son, and bring him food and child. I am hoping teacher of the month will be back by then, and ready to roll up her sleeves.
I am still figuring a way to skip the whole packing, moving, repacking and go straight for the living. Teacher of the year suggested I invite some friends buy them pizza and make them work it off with w whip in my hand (whip my idea not hers). Still thinking on that, maybe I'll throw in booze and see how much of my crap makes it sofetly.
That is another scary prospect, seeing how much stuff I have and that I don't need any of it. And the decorating, people I am going to be living in an empty house because DH is sinking all money in downpayment, oh well.
Oh and everyone go read 'Not Calm' hilarious post about her little girl and a pair of scissors.


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