Thursday, October 27, 2005

The inconsistencies of man

The inconsistencies of man

So here is my dilemma, what do I feed my DH? A month ago he like only rotisery style chicken, now he does not. Today he like chicken but only in soup, tomorrow (if we follow the example of the past 4 years) he won't. A week ago he was heavily into meat and no fish, yesterday he demanded no more meat but more fish. Things were too spicy on Monday but lacked taste on Wednesday, same amount of seasoning dude! I swear if I was a chef and Dh was eating in me restaurant he would be sending back every dish he tried, and I would be spitting into the plate by now.


  • I solved this problem about 2 years ago. My husbadn is very picky and not only that but he doesn't eat half the things that I do. So after he didn't like a few of my dishes I stopped cooking. Now he is the cook in our family. May be you can try that approach.

    By Anonymous SC, at 10/28/2005 8:16 AM  

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