Wednesday, November 23, 2005


My day started out with a perfect little boy waving hello and laughing. Then the angel fell asleep. My mother exploded my favorite casserole dish and I got blamed for it. I don't know about you but when I see a ceramic oven casserole dish on the stove my first thought is that it is standing there and NOT cooking anything. It has NEVER ever occurred to me that someone would use it to cook on stovetop. This is why I did not run screaming to the stove to take it off, wrong, I should have. Of course if I did make my mom take it off she would never believe me and tell me I am wrong and always exaggerate. A good lesson has been learned today at the expense of a $50 ceramic casserole dish. Thank GOD baby V was asleep.

In other news;
DH shaved his head and Baby V refused to recognize him as daddy. Now he delights in rubbing the short hair and laughing. Very Cute. I will upload pictures as soon as I download them.

BTW Jen, in the comments, said something about a state plan for health insurance ... Care to elaborate?

We are moving soon, still no job, but still moving. The only reason we can't back out of the deal is because the bank will not refuse us, it will just recalculate our loan at a higher percentage. So we are shutting the hell up about the job loss and hoping they don't all to confirm and stick us with 7%. Reminds me, not only do I need to pack I need to e-mail Miss EL. See she has been consulting on my behalf and I should really thank her.

The thing that makes me laugh 10 times out of 10 is Baby V wrestling with his teddy bear. He really gets into it. With tackling, body slams, pinning, and tossing over head.

And on Nov 19th, one day after DH became officially unemployed, Baby V took his first 3 steps towards grandma. This is the thanks I get for lounging on the bed, he walks towards grandma. It might have been her shiny cross that attracted him but still.


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