Thursday, April 06, 2006


I don't even remember the last time I blogged.
V is getting over a cold that he picked up from the neighbor's kid. Here is how that went; WE played with child, next day child got sick, then V got sick, two days late I got sick, then grandpa got sick. Teacher of the Year never got sick because she has a rocking immune system that can take the stomach flu and turn it into two cramps (while the rest of us spend an unhealthy amount of time with the toilet). I know kids are supposed to get sick to build up their immune system but I am seriously considering not letting V come into contact with anymore children. The only exception to this rule would be baby Lukas and his soon-to-be baby sister.
I have lots of news to share.
DH has had the condition of residence removed from his greencard and can now apply for US citizenship. He is already practicing for that test thingie and knows more about this country then most Americans. He keeps asking me questions and hoping I will get something wrong but so far they have been easy questions. The interview for the removal of condition was yesterday and it was easy. It was easy because we are still married (98% of these type of things end after 2 yrs at least legally) and plan on staying married (98% never intended to stay married) and have a kid. For 16 months I have been telling DH that America will not kick him out because we have a kid to prove our commitment to each other. NO ONE would agree to a fake marriage AND a kid ... Right? This feels like a big boulder just fell off the pile of boulders we have been carrying.

The next boulder will be my back. I think Dr's are so scared of someone suing their pants off they have decided against saying anything. During our entire appointment he avoided my eyes and never said anything that would imply that he thought I should get surgery. He did imply that someone like me could get better if they decided on surgery. So a person like me wants to get surgery, and a person like me will receive a packet in the mail outlining the procedure, and then a person like me will call and make the appointment. I, however, will sit on my ass eating dark chocolate and harassing Angie into making a bunny cake.
Stay tuned.

DH claims that if I fix my back he will consider taking me and the spawn to Russia in the summer. I am all happy, except that I weigh 70lbs more now then I did when the people in Russia last saw me. So I am a bit apprehensive about this, considering I would be seeing an ex with his hot wife and child. I can, of course, blame 20lbs on steroids but the other 50lbs are completely and totally my achievement.
(I just saw 3 police cars drive by my window, very tempted to go look why)
Now I am going to go check the fridge, there is a chance something grew there overnight.


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