Wednesday, March 08, 2006


So when we first moved into our house I stayed home all the time. I was terrified to take the car down the long narrow driveway. I hate driving backwards and so I try to avoid it, hence the staying home. Don't get me wrong we went out and walked the driveway and out in our backyard but in a few weeks we did not get into the car and GO anywhere. This hermit existence was fine by me, sort of, yeah, kind of. Then my neighbor Mrs Garden stopped by and we chatted. She asked me if I ever went out, and well hearing myself explain to her why I didn't made me realize how stupid that was. So the past 2 weeks we have been going out.
We took in a class at Gymboree and V loved it. He loved all the climbing, all the kids, all the balls, EVERYTHING. I liked it too but it did a number on my back. Too bad we can't continue with the classes because of the whole back thing. I think right about now I would pay anything to get V with other kids. We also went out to eat and shop and V seems to handle it very well.
Hmm don't know what the point on this post was but posting it anyway.
Sorry will try to be better in the future with more umm interesting posts.


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