Saturday, February 25, 2006


Friday was a very busy day for me. I must admit I handled everything wonderfully and multitasked like a pro. Now if I could only remember everyone's birthdays I would be all set.
Let me re-cap for you the hour that V decided to sleep.
I put V down for his nap, put the water to boil for soup, loaded the dryer and washer, put the beats into the boiling water, took a shower, cleaned furiously for 30 minutes, put in the rest of the soup ingredients, unloaded and reloaded the dryer and folded clothes. All this in one hour. I am a genius.

V is taking only one nap now and it is killing me. He only sleeps for an hour and a half tops and is complainy and whinny by the evening. I tried putting him down for two naps but he cries his head off and refuses to sleep. He tries to sleep through the night but usually wakes up at 4am soaking wet because his diaper could not hold everything in. I hate his diapers, anyone know any good ones in big sizes?
We have gone off the bottle and now only drink from cups. I was super excited this week to give those bottles a final boiling water bath and put them away. The pacifier is next on the extinction list and I dread the tantrums that await me. When is the next long weekend?
V is also cutting two new teeth on the top, might explain the runny nose, but not the cough. So we have a total of 6 teeth now, not too many for 16month old.
We speak Russian around V and yet his first semi word is, bubble and duck in ENGLISH. Semi word means that the sounds he makes sound a lot like bubble and duck. I blame 'Teacher of the Year' who insists of using English words to describe things but talks Russian. If we could just all get on the same page the kid would not be so confused.
V has also been on a path of destruction lately, so far we have 2 very expensive victims. One is a $50 thermometer that didn't need to be stuck into anywhere, and the other is our $80 baby monitor. Love the kid, hate the expense.

I have been reading Not Calm and loving it. I keep thinking of clever comments to leave but end up either forgetting them by the time I reach a computer, or typing them out and seeing how absolutely dumb they are. So Not Calm would you like to have dumb comments on your blog or no dumb comments and the knowledge that I worship at your busy feet?


Oh and when do the kids realize that the weekend is a time to sleep in late? When they go to school right?


  • hmm...... could you please explain what's goin on in the photo? :) :) :) :)

    By Anonymous anna, at 2/26/2006 2:53 PM  

  • Hey You!! I'm so behind on my blog reading that I just saw all your niceness to me. Thanks! I'm only getting to do my blog surfing now because it's 2:30 and I cannot sleep. How dumb is that? All the kids sleeping and I'm up?! Yes, leave comments! I love comments. And you totally wouldn't worship me in any way if you saw my house. OH. MAN. is it ever a mess. Drives me crazy.

    lookit me, blogging in your comments. . .

    By Anonymous Jenijen, at 3/05/2006 5:31 AM  

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