Friday, January 13, 2006

Mr. Clean

I have been postponing posting anything because I was waiting to download pictures to show you how cute my son really is, but no more.
Cute things Baby V does:
Imitates Grandma and cleans the house (only as high as a countertops) with a wet paper towel. He will take his towel and wipe all surfaces within reach, turning the tissue over and over. It is very cute and makes Teacher of the Year stop harassing me to clean.

Baby V calls Daddy 'Mamama' although we KNOW he knows how to say 'Papa'

He will chew through plastic and wood if he thinks there is an edible apple on the other side

He hugs, and sends air kisses

He can breath and smile and eat, and just be and it is the cutest thing in the world.

Things I do that are not cute:
Eat 3 breakfasts and then tell people I want to loose weight
Not keep up or comment on my favorite blogs

Things that keep me up at night:
DH's coughing
The idea of living ALONE while husband works 2 hours away


Thank you Beth for your fantastic comment on the previous entry


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