Wednesday, March 22, 2006


So my wonderful husband fixed my computer for me. All I have to do now is wait for my adorable son to break it again. This kid isn't even 2 years old and he is already breaking expensive electronics. Oh well, good thing we have that priceless Chinese vase hidden away at an antique store where we will never buy it.
I fell like such an idiot lately. I keep spilling stuff, forgetting to turn off explosive stuff, and in general being a klutz and stupid. Just this morning after spilling half of V's milk and boiling 4 cups of water into nothing I decided to stay away from cooking and order Chinese. Placed the order, they confirmed it twice, and 2 hours later when I called them they said, 'We no deliver to you city'. The right response would have been to kill them all but I blame myself for being an idiot because I am sure this is somehow my fault.
We are going to live with my parents for 2 weeks soon and I am dreading it. I love my mom but in very small doses contained in one weekend, my dad I can stand for months and months without being irritated. Talk about dad's little girl.
Another reason I don't like my moms is the room V sleeps in. He shares a room with us and it can not be made dark so he sleeps less. When V sleeps less I sleep horribly, esp. if he is in the same room. Maybe I should take a page form Dooce and cover the windows with tin foil. Now that would be one hell of a fashion statement for Teacher of the Year.
Shoot it is late and I have to sleep.


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