Monday, August 07, 2006


As you know after the surgery I was not allowed to sit for a long time and because my keyboard is now attached by usb to the laptop writing while reclining is Hard. I am still not allowed to sit, actually I can not sit, and I am writing this to tell you that I will continue to not update this website for some time to come. V continues to do adorable things but I am doing very poorly.
The surgery did not work as was expected. For some time afterwards everything was wonderful and pain free. I was very happy and looking forward to playing with V and making more babies with DH. Last Monday I wok up and my lower back, to the right of the tailbone, hurt. I thought it was just my period letting me know that it will be coming by for a visit. The pain got worse and no period came. I am back on drugs and they are once again not helping. I can’t move without a horrific amount of pain and I am not exaggerating. Sorry I won’t wine much longer.
I am getting another MRI on the 16th of August and a consultation with the Dr on the 12th of September. I am calling them again today to ask for stronger drugs because I cannot last a month longer. The Dr’s assistant said this might go away on its own, I might have to get another steroid shot or three, or I might have to get more surgery and not the simple procedure I just had.
DH has been fantastic and loving and kind and I am grateful that I have such a wonderful husband who does so much to help me out.
My parents have also been wonderful but not as great as DH.
V deserves and award for being the best kid in the universe. He is adorable and very understanding and extremely affectionate. He says a lot more words and half words now and it is getting easier and easier to understand him. He is also doing a lot more for himself, soon he will have no need for me or DH or my parents. We are planning on moving him to a toddler bed when we get back home in September. I hope he will like it. He is still a bit young for toddler bed but he is so tall I don’t want to risk keeping him in the crib.
I have to go now and become a vegetable.
I miss writing to you.
I miss all of you.
Please write me, even if I can’t always answer back with a long letter/post I can always read and scribble something short.



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