Monday, May 29, 2006

Cooking 101

You may be suprised, but I am 2 steps away from becoming a Stepford Wife, three is you count being thin as a requirment. I have discovered the joys of cooking like a pro. This website is fantastic;
It is in Russian but I have devised a way for even those that speak English to get in on the awsome cooking. Look at the pictures, find things you like, and e-mail me the link so I can translate the recpie into English for you. Or just use an Russian to English translator.
I have been cooking up a storm. DH has been truly well fed and I have earned a sincere complement (not under threat of death) every single time. Even V has had a taste and loved it.
Of course there is a price for all this cooking. Instead of going to see Army vehicles with V and DH I got to cook. Instead of watching the parade go by I cooked. What it all boils down to is that instead of being outside in the swealtering heat I got to be inside witht he airconditioning on full blast (do NOT tell DH).

Oh I should mention that V is now 18months old. He is 33 lbs and 36 inches. The Dr. said that he is big for his age but very proportional (Yeahoo no diet for V) and that my only problem will be people thinking he is stupid because he looks like he is four but acts like he is 18 months. He is right, there have been people giving me weird looks and asking me if V should be talking by now, but I am okay with it. Really I am.

V knows more the 3 words but less then 5. Not too great but not bad either. He does have the motor skills of someone much older but because he is bilingual it will take him longer to grasp language. Then he will not only be the handsomest boy in the world but also the smartest.

Shoot, look at the time! WE MIGHT be having guests ( we better be because there is a whole lot of food that is cooked an waiting) and I still have to wash the dishes and scour the decks.


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    I need you to keep on me about doing it as much as u do your:)

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