Saturday, May 20, 2006


Day 4 of teething: Ready for that vacation, or a pink slip.
Day 5 of teething: What do you mean I can't get a pink slip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 6 of teething: What on earth possesed me to cut hair for the first time at Snip-its while still teething? Can't hear myself think oer the screaming.
Day 7 of teething: One tooth out of the three is out, the other two decided to torture me a bit longer.

The child refuses to let me count his teeth! I think we are up to 9 with 2 more on the way but he will not open his mouth to let me check. Thankfully my dad is here for the weekend and I get to have a tiny little break. They have been out for 2 hours and I have been cooking for an hour. It looks liek the teeth have stopped their progress and will wait untill my dad leaves to bother us again.

V got his first haircut. The second the nice lady put him in the nice chair he started crying. I could not take any pictures because he would not let go of me. The entire haircut was spent with his face in my shirt getting it soaking wet with tears and snot, fun. The amazing thing was that even after the hair cut he continued crying. He cried when they gave him a prize, he cried when he went out the door, he cried as he ran into traffic. He evn cried in his carseat with apple juice in his sippy cup. (I never give him apple juice unless here is a VERY good reason) Never doing this again! Well not untill he is addicted to video games and talking hair dryers.

This child amuses me every single day. Looking at him I just want to eat him up. This morning when V woke up he wanted to go see DH. DH was sleeping. I told V that we had to be very quiet and not go into DH's room because he was sleeping. V came up tot he door, looked at me, put a finger to his mouth, said 'SHHH' and procedded to knock on the door. After he received no reply he shushed me againa nd went barging in yelling, 'PAPA!' Needless to say DH was up.

Oh I have to tell you, my keboard no longer function properly. On my laptop the keys; Q, S, D, G, no loger work as well as an punctuation. I now have a computer keboard attached and my laptop is starting to resemble a desktop computer. So much for writting a book while in bed.

Angie what about that overnight date L promissed V?


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