Monday, April 24, 2006

Kill Me

Something is up with '' so no pics this post.

Teacher of the Year has won! I am on the cabbage soup diet. I want to strangle my husband and cheat on the stupid diet. Teacher of the year lost 9lbs in 7 days and is absolutely thrilled. She thinks she looks skinnier and feels fantastic. I am not commenting on her looks, I think she is perfectly fine.
So this is day 3. Mixed vegies and fruits. It is actually not that horrible, but I am almost always hungry and that no calorie soup is awful! I can't stand to eat it more then once.
Tomorrow is the dreaded banana and skim milk day. Good thing V and I like bananas.
I am looking forward to the meat on day 5 and 6 but I don't think I will like the brown rice day.

Anyway have to vent here about my husband. He is great guy. He watches V when I ask him, he does things around the house (digging trenches and putting up fences) and is absolutely lovable. He is, however, a food snob. He wants to be fed 3 or 4 times a day but at the same time he refuses what is offered. Today he wanted me to make him a different breakfast because eggs and pasta with steak wasn't good enough. I got all mad, I am on a diet he could be a little more sensitive to that, and wanted to tell him off but when I walked in the room he was playing with V and I just lost all my anger. He was so sweet with V that I made him oatmeal on milk with brown sugar and butter. Artery clogging but good. V had his dad's breakfast for lunch, not the steak but the egg and pasta, with carrots and grapes.
So just wanted you all to know I am miserably hungry and I will update you how badly I crash when Angie, Hans, and Lukas come visit.
P.S. Mrs AM thank you for the frog. I keep forgetting to tell you how much V enjoys it. He loves that thing. The bath has never been the same.
P.P.S Congrads to Miss EL on her promotion.


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