Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Stop ME

My Son is a proud owner of the following things:
also some undershirts and several small cars and a wshcloth of some sort.


In other news;
Teacher of the Year is on a new diet. It was 'designed' for overweight people getting ready for surgery. Basically it is a cabage soup diet. You make soup out of cabage, green pepers, green onions, salt, V-8 and leeks. That soup you can eat day and night in huge portions. Then the week goes a little like this;
day 1: All fruits except Banana
day 2: All Vegies except potato but you can have a baked potato as a reward.
day 3: Fruits and Veggies but no banana or potato
day 4: 8 Bananas with skim milk
day 5: 20oz of beef (can't fry any of the foods on any of the days)
day 6: 2-3 steaks with green vegies
day 7: brown rice
I am on the fence about this. Teacher of the year will not back off untill I try it, but she is going to test the waters of insanity. I am worried that this diet will lead to the worse yo-yo dieting our family has ever seen. SO....
Stop ME



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