Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So I have my operation dates. June 7th is the pre-op, and June 29th is the surgery. The only tricky thing is that I have to get a referral from my primary care Dr. That is back-dated to march. Do Dr's even do that? Why is it not necessary to get a referral for the initial consultation and extremely important to get for surgery. I don't get it. I am a bit scared because I do not have a primary Dr, and don't even know where to begin looking for one, Boston or Bristol?
I texted a lot of my friends the date and everyone was excited, and I get that, it is a very good thing but I am scared. Absolutely terrified that I nowhave an appointment to be sliced open. Very scary.

In other news I met a girl and V met a boy. We met Nicole and her 18month old Gavin at a local park. We are in the infatuation stage right now, meeting every day and sneaking in messages during the night. All very exciting. In a few weeks, if this lasts, we will consider introducing our husbands. The little boy is very sweet, he loves sticks and hugs. They also have a wonderful dog that is wonderful with kids.
So far we have been to a Chinese place and McDonald, my kid is in junk food heaven, tomorrow is Chucky Cheese. My only consultation is that V eats an incredibly healthy breakfast and dinner, I try to limit is fat exposure during lunch, but now don't always succeed. I hope this thing develops into a friendship but it is hard. I am happy to be out and about but all this work is taking a toll on my back. I can barely move after lunch. V is very happy, and for him I am willing to put up with anything.
V loves going out. He will bring me my jacket, and his shoes, and his jacket, and then he will pull me to the stairs and scream. I usually get the hint right away, but I don't always feel like going outside at 7 am so we have some power struggles. He is currently winning.
On Tuesday DH slept in. We had to leave to make a playdate and said goodbye to daddy while daddy was in bed. When we got home DH was gone but because I put V


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