Tuesday, April 18, 2006


So I have my operation dates. June 7th is the pre-op, and June 29th is the surgery. The only tricky thing is that I have to get a referral from my primary care Dr. That is back-dated to march. Do Dr's even do that? Why is it not necessary to get a referral for the initial consultation and extremely important to get for surgery. I don't get it. I am a bit scared because I do not have a primary Dr, and don't even know where to begin looking for one, Boston or Bristol?
I texted a lot of my friends the date and everyone was excited, and I get that, it is a very good thing but I am scared. Absolutely terrified that I nowhave an appointment to be sliced open. Very scary.

In other news I met a girl and V met a boy. We met Nicole and her 18month old Gavin at a local park. We are in the infatuation stage right now, meeting every day and sneaking in messages during the night. All very exciting. In a few weeks, if this lasts, we will consider introducing our husbands. The little boy is very sweet, he loves sticks and hugs. They also have a wonderful dog that is wonderful with kids.
So far we have been to a Chinese place and McDonald, my kid is in junk food heaven, tomorrow is Chucky Cheese. My only consultation is that V eats an incredibly healthy breakfast and dinner, I try to limit is fat exposure during lunch, but now don't always succeed. I hope this thing develops into a friendship but it is hard. I am happy to be out and about but all this work is taking a toll on my back. I can barely move after lunch. V is very happy, and for him I am willing to put up with anything.
V loves going out. He will bring me my jacket, and his shoes, and his jacket, and then he will pull me to the stairs and scream. I usually get the hint right away, but I don't always feel like going outside at 7 am so we have some power struggles. He is currently winning.
On Tuesday DH slept in. We had to leave to make a playdate and said goodbye to daddy while daddy was in bed. When we got home DH was gone but because I put V down for a nap right away he did not realize this. When V woke up he headed for our bedroom and started looking for daddy. He looked under the covers, in both bedrooms, the guest room, and insisted on being taken to the basement. While he was looking V kept saying, 'daddy?' and holding up his hands in the 'where is he/it' sign. I explained that daddy had to work and V hasn't looked for him sense. I think form now on DH is going to have to put on a show before leaving so that we can avoid the searching.
I don't think I have told you this but V loves to play hide-and-seek with me. Out version of the game involves me chasing V into the kitchen and then running away to hide in the master bedroom. V runs into the room and the precedes to search all the regular corners until he finds me. It is incredibly cute and makes me and V so happy.

I am looking forward to the end of April. Angie and Hans and Lukas are coming to visit. Very Happy.
Damn it, I am so happy :)


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