Friday, May 12, 2006


We are cutting teeth and very miserable. I spied our 8th tooth on Wednesday and now it looks like a few more are making an appearance soon. So in addition to our lovely cough we now have a runny nose (upper teeth coming in) and general pain all day long.
So now I am sure that I will not be frolicking in central park this weekend. Nor will I be in NY. It would feel very disloyal to V. I already feel like a horrible mother because I am not sick and teething. V gets to be alone in his pain, without the benefit of a playground, while I get to stay in, eat, and read books.
Despite his illness V has become a monkey. I am considering letting him join a circus, all I need to firgure out is which one will pay me the most. V has scaled dinner chairs, office chairs, sofas, beds, and bookcases. He has been on every coffe table and side table and has served as a center piece on our dinning room table. Teacher of the year says that he does this because I haven't taken him to the park. I would take him but I am not sure how V would react to a flodded playground, besides he can learn to swim in June when it's hot out.
And now he is up and cranky once more.
DH is coming and I have to go.
ps spell checker still not working.


  • don't worry, he's climbing everything because he can not because you are not takng him to the park. emma went through that phase too and I took her ot the park and babyfit every day. it's part of their development and growth. V looks adorable and so grown up. :)

    By Anonymous sveta, at 5/12/2006 12:26 PM  

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