Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hanging off the roof

Someone Get me a chocolate bar! NOW!
I need something to calm me down while my DH hangs from the roof. A few wrong moves and that sentance could be taken literally. My Dad and DH are installing gutter shields. They are working at the back of the house. The land there is a nice slope with rocks and trees. To make things worse my DH has decided that he does not need the ladder at a 45 degree angle, he'll manage at 10. The thing is almost parallel to the house, and Teacher of the year is locked in her room muttering, 'why couldn't he wait till we left to kill himself?" Thanks mom, it would be so much better if you left and he fell and I was all alone, yes that would have been easier. I am appropriatly terrified, so send chocolate.
On to better topics, anything that does not turn my blood to ice.
Yesterday was cloudy and felt like rain but it was wonderfully warm and we were playing outside. V, who can now be officially called a monkey, was tired and climbed into our stroller (the big one) and asked me for a ride. I knew it was likely to rain so we just kept going up and down our driveway making car noises. Our neighboor, the one we 'flood' everytime it rains, told me to walk around the block (do I make offensive car noises, or is it happiness in general that displeases her?). I said that the moment I got half way around it would rain and we would be soaked (our block takes about 30 minutes to walk). She said, "Oh no I checked the weather no rain at all untill evening, go right ahead!" So not being able to resist a dare and wanting to be proven right once again I set out on this walk. Halfwway through the heavens opened up and rain came down. Good thing the big stroller has a nice canopy so V was dry. When we got back my neighboor would not even meet my eye, whimp.
V the monkey no climbes into his stroller, car seat, booster seat, couches, tables. He tries to climb onto our bed and into and out of his crib, half an inch in height and he will accomplish both.
Teacher of the year has decided that when fall hits we will be digging out a couple of trees (seren') from the abandoned lots on a nearby road. This can not be terribly legal right? I am sure there is a fine or jailtime involved but neither of those threats is enough to convince DH to buy the same trees for $10 each.
I wish I had new and exciting pictures to share with you, but I am a bad mother in that regard. Oh very well I am not a bad mother just a bad picture taker/sorter/printer. All of that is reflected in the photo album thats stops in January. My, aren't we having a terribly warm March, I can't be more then 2 months behind ont he whole picture thing right?
Oh V is also a proud owner of this sandbox:
Everything that people write about it is true! It is fantastic. V spend a minimum of 30 minutes dumping sand out of it every warm day. I think my yard will be complete in the year 2030, when the kids a moderatly grown and the house is paid partly off.
I hear my son laughing with Teacher Of the Year and am anxious to join them before he comes to the living room to type something as well.
PS my spellchecker is not working so ignore all the stupid errors and just think I wrote comething coherent.


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