Saturday, April 29, 2006

The end is at hand.

I am at a loss.
So the diet is over and I am lighter by 6lbs. I should not be complaining but they do promise 10 to 17 lbs off in a week for the relative hell they make you go through. Okay it was not exactly hell, actually not that bad, and 6 lbs is not bad it is just different. I think the cut in calories wasn't bad because I don't need all the calories I was consuming to run after the kid. The meat days were fantastic but the rice days defied logic.

Yesterday I had maybe a cup of cooked brown rice, soup, and vegies, AND I GAINED a pound and a half. The vegies were carrots and zucchini, there is absolutely no way I should have gained, unless it was the meat days catching up to me.

So I think I will be trying the modified version of this diet, called 'Eating for one not three'. The only thing I will reliably miss is bread. The only craving I have had is bread. I watched my dad and my DH eat cake yesterday and all I wanted was that piece of sunflower bread in the fridge. Absolutely horrible.

Speaking of horrible I think my DH feels some guilt over not buying me pretty flowers. We tossed the tulips my mom got me for Easter yesterday and my Dad suggested I ask DH (when he got home) where are the new flowers. So here is our conversation practically word for word;
"So honey where are the flowers?"
"What flowers"
"For me."
"Oh never mind, maybe next time."
"Stop badgering me about flowers! Why are you annoying me about some stupid flowers! Leave me alone! Stop asking me for flowers! Stop badgering!" (is badgering a word?)
Mind you, I haven't asked for flowers in over 2 months. The only reason he had to get upset over this is if he felt guilty that he never buys me flowers. And that is what a choose to believe. Now if only I could get the e-mail address of a good friend of his. I would be able to ask them to hint to DH to get me some flowers for mothers day, and maybe do something nice for me. I am way overdue for something nice (that doesn't involve the bedroom, not that I am complaining).

Have to go. Angie and family are coming soon. And if there is a human being for whom I will gladly forsake any diet it is Angie. I am so excited. I have to get us ready, set up cribs and all that jazz.



  • Hey babe,

    Glad you're doing well!!! And I'm glad the crazy diet is over!!! I know it's cliche, but if you drink about 100oz of water a day, you may be able to prevent that weight from coming back.

    Oh, and how come your DH gets to eat fat galore and you're on a diet? Tell him you think he needs to lose weight and put him on your diet. It'll make ur life easier. hehehehehehe. :)

    I hope I can come over soon!!!!


    By Anonymous Anna, at 5/01/2006 11:23 AM  

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