Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hat in Spring

Child is sick. He is coughing all night long. I think he got it from my mom. DH is understandably pissed.
This sickness has officially runed any chance I had of going to NY this weekend, unless of course he gets better and no longer feels like I am the only person (hmmm not that there is any one else here) to cling to.
I'm feeling slightly awful myself but not sick. I wish I could get some good sleep, but I can't. There is a lot of pain at the end of the day and I keep hoping that June gets here and I get the surgery out of the way.
I'm sorry I thought I had more to write about the cute monkey that lives with me, but I am beat. Want a nap and can't take one. I will try to post tomorrow something uplifting about drums and friends and stuff, but don't count on it.


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