Sunday, June 11, 2006


I have been snubbed! To make everything worse it was my precious V that did the snubbing. I sort of suspected that my son was capable of such cruelty when he snubbed his dad Saturday morning but I am his MOTHER. I should probably explain. DH woke up on Saturday morning after V was already up, he came out of the bedroom and stooped down to get a hug from V. V looked at his dad, turned around, and went to me for a hug. I am fairly sure that getting kicked in the crotch would have had a similar affect on DH. He sulked! Shortly after this snub I left for a ‘Girls Day Out’. I was gone from 9:30am Saturday to 9:30 Sunday (let us keep the stop for coffee between us … and no one mentions the donut either). When I drove up the drive and my son was walked over to me I was expecting grins and shouts of ‘MAMA’ as well as urgent demands for ‘UP’; I got the cold shoulder. V looked at me, frowned, and walked away. My heart was ripped out, stomped on with size 7ww feet, and then thrown in the sink by a ruthless tiny hand. I am still in pain and resolved to never leave this child for longer then 2 hours of ‘awake’ time. Overall I think DH will suffer the most because he is the one most noticeably absent during the week. Oh Lord, let this be a phase that passes, and passes quickly, I have a date with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp coming up in July.

I have other things to tell you and here is a preview:
My upcoming surgery
DH babysitting
Precious V
Girls Day Out
Collection Agencies/Insurance PPL/Ambulance Services
Anything anyone wants to know. So stay tuned for more updates. I will work on entrees as time permits.


  • Finally! You deserved a night out to yourself.Did u have a great time Darya?

    By Anonymous angie, at 6/12/2006 10:34 AM  

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