Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Ba-Ba is a word that gets a lot of play in our 'new and improved' household. The most important meaning is grandmother. V will scream 'Ba-Ba' at the top of his lungs at the mere hint of Teacher of the year being within hearing distance. This morning after waking up at 6am V went looking for Ba-Ba. He started to climb upstairs but then heard Ba-Ba turn the water on downstairs and ran all the way down yelling, 'Ba-Ba, Ba-Ba, ma-ma ba-ba? BA-BA!' untill she peaked around the corner and said, 'Boo'. I get to hear V calling for Baba on a regular basis when she is not at home. Upon everone leaving for work V will walk over to the stairs and ask for his pa-pa, ba-ba, and do-do. When he wakes up there is the usual inquery for pa-pa and then frantic screaming for ba-ba because ma-ma is just not good enough.
Ba-Ba also translates into buterfly or babachka is Russian. V runs around chasing buterflys screaming Ba-Ba and that is the one and only reason I decided to leave the comforts of home and go to the zoo. You see there is a butterfly exhibit at our local zoo and I would not be able to forgive myself if I missed it. I took do-do and V for an evening stroll around the caged animals. V loved it. At the butterfly exhibit there was much running and screaming and lunging at terrified buterflys.
V also enjoyed watching the Gorillas and the zebras and a whole bunch of other animals. My one regret is that I was almost out of memory on my camera and had to limit the pictures. So I didn't get a whole lot of butterfly pictures just one and it isn't even that great. To make up for the lack of butterfly's I did get a whole bunch of pics with V chasing a lovely bird around, I also got video and it is hillarious.

This morning I took V to another zoo and we didn't have half the fun we had yesterday. The flamingos did not impress V, neither did the petting zoo. He did like the mother leopard with her cubs. We did the whole zoo in under an hour with the longest time spent running up and down the wooden planks near the 'authentic' cabin by the lake. This time I was alone so no pictures.

And now back to our regular no update schedule.



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