Monday, October 16, 2006

Pretending I never went away

We have moved back into our house (Close to 4 weeks now) and are trying to get everything, and everyone back into the groove.
V has not been sleeping well, and he has been sick. My mom had the brilliant idea to transition V to a toddler bed upon our return home, so we did. V loves the freedom this bed give him. For 4 weeks now he has been refusing to sleep alone. At first I sat with him until he would fall asleep and then left to stumble into my bed. He would wake up an hour later and come get me. I would give up and sleep on the floor at the foot of his bed until he awoke and walked all over my face. Got tired of that.
Then I read a wonderful book that suggested I try sitting a bit further away from his bed every night to get him used to falling asleep on his own. I tried but every weekend DH would ruin all my efforts because he refuses to get onboard with the plan and V uses this shamelessly.
As of Yesterday I am fed up with both my men. I have moved on the the 'walking child back to bed 500 times every 4 hours' technique. The name is basically self explanatory. Have to say that this has been slightly easier because V is sick and I have to give him cough medicine that makes it impossible for him to get back out of bed after an hour or so. Soon, however, I will have to stop drugging him, DAMN it. Remind me to get antibiotics.

My back is okay, hurts but not too bad. I am basically stuck with this for the rest of my life and the only thing I prey for is that this 'okay' feeling is not the result of the steroid shot that will wear of by Christmas. If it wears off and I go back into that hell I will not be pleased. Nevermind the pain, if this isn't permanent I will not be able to have kids anytime soon. Hmmm ... How long does it take for a disk to degenerate into nothing? 10 yesr or 20?


The neighbor's in the back of us have decided to clear out some of the trees in their HUGE yard and let their 2 kids and their friends race dirt bikes underneath our bedroom windows. I can feel the value of our house eroding. The noise also dies nothing good for my headaches or for V's terror of loud sounds. When those a'holes (sorry) are racing I can not open windows (the smell and the sound are too much) or take V to play in OUR backyard. My mother wants to mine the bike path, horrid right? However, after 6 hours of noise on a Sunday or Saturday I am ready to consider it. Even worse the adults are the overbearing, argumentative types (the mom had the nerve to yell at my mother) and they don't get why it is unkind to do this to neighbors. There should be laws forbidding this sort of thing, but apparently not. Bastards the lot of them.


Oh I have to mention that our whole family is sick. DH brought it home from work first. V caught the cough and runny nose second and has been coughing for 3 weeks now. I have just recently been overpowered by this nasty bug. I think the only reason I got sick is because of that lack of sleep I mentioned. My immunity system is just not in working order.
Man what I would do for some NyQuil and 10 hours of sleep.


The lack of sleeping is also preventing me from writing often, but I will try.


V is almost 2 and his birthday party is on DECEMBER 2nd. Are YOU coming?



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