Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hogging the bed

Why are all men compelled to hog the bed? We have a king size bed and still my DH insists on not only sleeping in the middle he also likes to flail his arms and legs near my person. So I am forced to sleep on the edge of the bed, falling off every time the child lets out a wail in the middle of the night. And my little boy is no different. Whenever I bring Baby V into our bed he rolls over to me and starts kicking me off! Once he has pushed me to that very same edge he pushes off in the opposite direction trying to propel himself off the other edge onto the floor. My mother insists that when I was Baby V’s age I knew enough to stop at the edge, but we have a boy. So maybe my DH is unconsciously trying to do what Baby V does, push me to the edge and fling himself off the other end, too bad he only gets halfway through.


Saturday, July 30, 2005

About Us

About the boy.
V was born 11/30/04 around 5pm. He came after 27hrs of induced labor. It was all SO much fun but def. Worth it. He came out 9lbs 5oz and 21 inches long.
So he is 8 months now. At 6 months he was 22lbs and 28inches. Last time we were in the hospital (emergency room) he weighed 24lbs. Scary. He has no teeth yet but is crawling like mad aiming for every single outlet, electric cord, and chairs. So far he likes everything but peaches when eating. When I make homemade food he eats it only fresh nothing day old, so we happily do canned.
V also loves his dad but still manages to forget him after 2 weeks. His favorite toy is … well actually it is my slipper, the right one, the boy will ignore open doors and all other dangerous objects in favor of one smelly slipper.
Next up a little about V’s parents.
I finished Northeastern University with a Bachelors in human resource management and management. Then I worked for about 5 months got pregnant and moved from MA to Fl. That was a genius maneuver on the part of Dear Husband (DH) to make me miserable. He sent me to the warmest place imaginable for my entire pregnancy so that I could sweat buckets and be miserable. Then after delivery he moved us to CT, a place that not only lacks sidewalks for walking baby but also is cold in the winter. I don’t mind the cold, I love it actually, but until springtime I basically was cooped up inside 4 walls, and that was tough.
My husband lived in Russia until he was 23 and then after meeting me and falling madly in love he decided to move to America via a Fiancé Visa. He works as a System Administrator and works a lot! Although I like his income (it could be more though) I hate how little time he has for us, and you might hear me often complaining. He is a good dad and husband but of course all the nice moments will take a backseat in favor of some of the stupid stuff. He still has a lot of family living in Russia and we plan on visiting them next year. BTW I will refer to husband as either DH or S or Husband S.
That is it for now.


Another One

Fantastic, yet another Blog! I didn't want to do this but every time something funny would happen I would wish for a blog. I promise to check spelling but do not guarantee proper grammar, me Russian :). I will try to update as soon as something funny happens or when I feel like writing.